Welcome to Micro-Helicopters.net?

My name is Mark but I also go by HeliScholar on the internet (places like Twitter, Youtube and  various RC Forums).

Micro-Helicopters.net is a web site all about small palm sized remote controlled helicopters (AKA Micro Helicopters) that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Here you’ll find…

  • Information about micro helicopter features and their benefits
  • How to repair micro helicopters
  • How to modify and upgrade micro helicopters
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Vendor reviews and recommendations
  • Tips on flying Micro Helicopters
  • News from the world of micro helicopters (Newly released helicopters and parts, events etc)

Who is behind Micro-Helicopters.net?

I am a thirty-something year old father of two (with the third on the way:)). My wife likes to say that she has three kids already, two little ones and one big one (me). What can I say? I’m just young at heart and I like my toys! In “real life” I work in the electronics engineering industry. I don’t consider myself an RC Helicopter expert, but I fell in love with these small form factor RC helicopters and decided to start a website around them.

Why did I start Micro-Helicopters.net?

I love micro-sized helicopters and the hours of enjoyment they’ve brought to me and my family. The only problem with micro helicopters is that there are so many available on the market that it’s difficult to pick one and get started. There are a lot of counterfeits out there that just don’t work, not to mention some unscrupulous vendors who do things like mail out empty boxes (or so I’ve read). Here are some specific reasons for starting this web site…

  • To provide a one stop place for information about Micro Helicopters
  • To help people to select the right helicopter for their needs at the best prices
  • To help people avoid potential headaches from shady vendors
  • To teach people  how to fly, repair and upgrade their helicopters
  • To give me an excuse to get some more helicopters for review (aka to play with)
  • To improve my writing skills
  • To learn about running a website

So while I am definitely here to help you, the person interested in micro helicopters, I also have some other motivations for running this site (all disclosed above for full transparency). That said, I think this site will be useful for all parties involved (except for maybe those shady, unscrupulous vendors).

Take care, and I hope you enjoy the site.