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In the Blade MSR Upgrades post I talked about aluminum parts for the Blade MSR. This is a followup post to expand on the available Aluminum parts for the blade MSR.

As I mentioned in the other post, adding aluminum parts is a bit of a balancing act. They are good for  improving the durability and in some cases, the performance of your helicopter. The problem is that if you go too far, the added weight can cause problems for your helicopter.

In this post I’ll discuss the various aluminum parts and provide my opinion on whether or not they are worth while. I’ll try to keep the posts in order with the most useful ones at the top. I’ll also include links to reputable dealers in case you want to buy something. I hope you find it useful.

Anti Rotation Collar

The main area where the MSR can use a little help is in the rotating assembly or “head”. The plastic parts that come with the MSR are a little sloppy. You can jiggle them around and feel a little play. That little bit of slop can cause some issues when it’s all rotating at high speed, especially when making sudden movements in flight. Anything you can do to to remove that slop will improve the stability and performance of your helicopter.

That’s where the Anti Rotation collar comes in. This thing restricts unwanted slop on the lower links and provides a significant improvement in stability and performance. This is one of the first upgrades I would recommend. Here’s where you can buy yours online.


Picking up where the Anti Rotation Collar left off is the Hub. This part further reduces the slop in the head and keeps things tight. Some people say  there is no point using the aluminum hub unless you have the aluminum anti rotation collar as well. I tend to disagree. With either of these two parts you are going to see improvements. For best results however, it is best if you can do both. Between the two upgrades the head is really going to stay tight. You will definitely notice this in how your MSR handles. The aluminum hub can be purchased here.

Blade Grips

I wanted to put this one first because it’s the first upgrade that I normally recommend people do. I put it 3rd on this list because you are going to see more results with the above mentioned upgrades. I like this part because it improves on the stock blade grips. Those plastic ones break and it’s easy to keep loosing those little brass washers. This part does a much better job of holding the blades and it doesn’t use those stupid washers so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

This part is safer than the stock grips too because it is far less likely to let blades go while spinning at high speed.

Finally, this part improves performance. It holds the blades better and prevents unwanted vibration. It also does a good job of blade tracking (keeping the blades inline).

One word of caution. If you decide to try out these grips, make sure you get the version 2 or “V2”.  The first version had some issues. There are other aluminum blade grips available but these are the ones I recommend. You can find the V2 version here.


The aluminum swashplate  is another good mod that I would recommend. If you have all of the other above upgrades as well, we are starting to reach the limit of what I would recommend for an MSR. Anything more than these 4 parts and the weight is going to start to be an issue. The aluminum swashplate is nice and tight and has arms of different lengths so that you can increase or decrease the responsiveness/difficulty.

There are a few different aluminum swashplates available. Microheli makes two types but only the second edition (or “SE”) is worth considering. The original version had skinny arms and links would pop off the balls. The ball links were too short which caused issues as well. These problems have been addressed on the SE version. Everything stays in place nicely and moves freely now.

Xtreme Production makes a competing product that looks a bit nicer in black and gold. The extreme swash has even shorter arms than the SE but they don’t produce the same responsiveness as the microheli swash. Those extra short arms can also interfere with the tail motor connector. The anti rotation pin at the back of the swash is a little too short to do its job properly. It can easily pop out which will cause your heli to fly out of control.

The swashplate is a very popular upgrade and one that can have a significant improvement on the responsiveness of your helicopter. The main advantage is the ability to use the short arms to really allow you to push your MSR harder. If you find your MSR to be too tame and wishing the helicopter would react more to stick imputs, this is the upgrade for you. You can pick up the microheli SE edition swashplate here.


This part isn’t  all aluminum, but it does have aluminum on it so I figured I’d include it here anyway. This part is supposed to be stronger than the stock flybar. I can’t verify that because I’ve heard mixed reviews on both sides. The argument is that while it is stronger, there are also several joints on it which make it vulnerable. What this flybar does do for the MSR is improve stability. It makes the MSR fly very smooth and deliberate. It also reduces vibrations and makes it more controllable.  It does all of this at the cost of reducing responsiveness slightly. The only problem with this upgrade is that it adds some weight to the helicopter. The thing is, it’s that extra weight that provides the benefits. More mass on the rotating flybar creates more force and makes the helicopter fly more stable.

This upgrade will be good for people that want to tame their helicopter. It will be more stable but less responsive to inputs which may be a good thing if you’re having trouble controlling your MSR. Because of the weight of this part you wouldn’t want to combine it with a bunch of other upgrades. Maybe just the anti-rotation collar and blade grips. I definitely wouldn’t pair it with an aluminum swash plate though because that would just be counterproductive since the two serve opposite purposes. Here’s where you can get this Flybar.

Main Shaft

The nice thing about the aluminum main shafts you can get for the MSR is that they are very straight and true. And they’re cheap too. Plus, some people say that it’s best to mount your other aluminum upgrades to an aluminum shaft.  The problem is that they bend easily in a crash, and that can be a major problem. There is a lot of stuff mounted to your main shaft so it’s a pain to replace. You have to take everything apart and mount it to the new shaft. If you’re like me and you crash a lot, you probably don’t want one of these. The other thing to notice is that they come in packs of 3. Why do you think that is? This is really a disposable part. You put it on, use it for a while until it bends, and then you toss it and put in a new one.

On the other hand, if you rarely crash and want a really straight main shaft, this might be an option for you. You can pick up a pack of 3 for under 8 bucks.

Tail Boom

I feel the same about the tail boom as I do about the main shaft. The tail boom is more susceptible to bending than the main shaft though. I already said my piece about aluminum main shafts above and that all applies here too so I won’t bore you by writing it out again. If your after a tail boom upgrade I recommend you check out a carbon fiber one instead. But if I haven’t changed your mind and you still want to get one, here’s a reputable place.


Last but not least (at least weight wise), is the aluminum frame. As you can imagine this part is not light. It looks pretty cool though, and it’s tough as nails. But is it necessary? Personally I think it’s overkill because the plastic frame rarely gets damaged. Some people swear by these aluminum frames though and say that they often crack their plastic frames. If that’s the case, I’d rather just keep replacing plastic frames.

Here’s the thing, with the added weight of an aluminum frame your not going to be able to add any other upgrades and expect it to perform. There’s just too much weight already. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. If you disagree you can pick one up here.

Well there you have it. That’s my take on Blade MSR aluminum parts. For most people I recommend the main grips along with the Anti-rotation collar and hub. If you’re bored with your MSR, upgrade the swashplate too. Or, if you find it too wild, try the flybar. The other parts are just added weight for minimal to no gain in my opinion.

I hope you found this article on Blade Msr aluminum parts useful. For more upgrade ideas, check out my post on Blade MSR Upgrades.

3 Responses to “Blade MSR Aluminum Parts”

  1. John
    January 23, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Hello ……….. what do youi think of Rankon aluminum parts fort he MSR? The make a really nice shashplate for the MCP – can theis be used on the MSR?


  2. admin
    January 27, 2012 at 6:31 am #


    Rakonheli makes some cool stuff. Definitely worth checking out, but they don’t make a swashplate for the MSR and no, you can’t use the MCP x one.

  3. February 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    You may also want to check out Xtreme. We sell / distribute all three brands, MicroHeli, RakonHeli, and Xtreme. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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