Blade MSR Carbon Fiber Parts

There are plenty of upgrades available for the Blade MSR. Some of my favorites are the ones made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a very strong, very light weight material that looks really cool too. Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of carbon fiber parts available for the MSR, but there are a few.

In this post I’ll showcase the various carbon fiber parts that are available for the Blade MSR and provide my opinion on whether or not they are worth while. I’ll try to keep the posts in order with the most useful ones at the top. I’ll also include links to recommended dealers in case you want to buy something. If you’re into carbon fiber parts, I hope you find this article useful.


This flybar is made up of aluminum as well as carbon fiber, but I lumped it in here anyway. I also included it in my article about aluminum parts, so check that out if you want to see where it shakes out on that list.

This flybar is said to be strong because of its materials. Having multiple materials presents a bit of a problem though. Each joint is potentially at risk for breaking or coming apart. I haven’t heard anything to indicate that is or isn’t a problem on this particular part, but it’s something to consider.  This flybar is heavier than the stock flybar which is what makes it a decent upgrade. Normally extra weight is not a good thing, but on the flybar it improves stability. That extra stability comes at a cost though. While the extra weight makes the fly very stable and deliberate, it also reduces its maneuverability. The MSR won’t fly quite as fast or be as nimble in turns and quick maneuvers. If your looking for an upgrade to tame your helicopter, this might be one to consider. You can get it for a good price here.

Main Shaft

This is actually a stock part, but its one that I recommend over any upgraded version. A few companies have tried to improve on this original main shaft but the result is usually an aluminum shaft that can bend very easily. Since this shaft is made of carbon fiber, it’s not going to bend. The only issue with these shafts is that they are not always perfectly straight. It’s not usually bad enough to cause a problem but it’s something to be aware of. The carbon fiber main shaft is available here.

Blade Grips

I just found this part through a search online. It’s from Xtreme-Productions and it appears to be a brand new part that replaces their old aluminum version. I haven’t tried it or seen any reviews on it, so I can’t comment on its performance. It’s nice to know it exists though and might be worth trying out. It certainly looks cool! So far, I’ve only been able to find it for sale here.

Landing Gear

The carbon fiber landing gear is an upgrade that looks really cool and provides a ton of extra strength. If your one of those people who are constantly damaging your skids, this might be an upgrade to consider. The only problem with it is that it’s considerably heavier than the flimsy stock landing gear. If you have a bunch of aftermarket upgrades, it might be best to skip these and avoid the extra weight. But if your heli isn’t already overweight and you want something a little stronger to land on, check it out.


This is my favorite carbon fiber upgrade. It’s not going to improve performance but it sure does look awesome! These carbon fiber canopies come in black and red and cost under 15 bucks.


If your after a carbon fiber look, these parts will finish it off nicely. The horizontal and vertical tail fins aren’t going to make much of a difference performance wise but they would go nice with the canopy and landing gear above. You can find the Horizontal Fin here and the Vertical Fin here.

That’s it for carbon fiber parts. A couple of them take advantage of the benefits of the material, but the rest are just there for looks. But hey, what’s wrong with that?

If you want more upgrade ideas, check out this post on  Blade MSR Upgrades.

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