Blade MSR Manual

The official Blade MSR manual is a pretty good resource with lots of information to help you with your MSR.  If you own an MSR, you should definitely have a copy of the manual and I’ll tell you where you can download it in a minute. But, you should know that there are two things that the manual doesn’t do very well. It doesn’t offer quick concise instructions that can get you flying right away. And it also doesn’t offer much detailed information to satisfy the advanced user.  There are a couple of other downloads available that try to address those issues. More on those in a second, but first, lets look at what the Blade MSR manual does do really well.

Oh yeah, and you can access the official Blade MSR manual (pdf download) here. Or, you can get the German version here and French version here.

The Official Blade MSR Manual

Of course there is the usual fluff that always comes with a manual like this. Things like specs, Safety warnings, Warranty information FCC notices etc. but let’s forget about those for a minute and talk about the real meat and potatos. Here’s what the manual covers.

  • Instructions on using the charger
  • Installing the battery
  • Binding the transmitter
  • Testing the controls
  • Description of flight controls
  • Installation instructions for training gear
  • Basic flying instructions
  • Swash plate settings and calibration
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Parts list with exploded diagram

Like I said, that’s a fair amount of information so everyone really should have a copy of the official MSR manual.

Blade MSR Quick Start Guide

E-flight also provides a quick start guide (download the pdf here) for the Blade MSR. The quick start guide is pretty good if you are new to the MSR and want to get started flying right away but don’t want to read through the 24 page manual. It’s also a good quick reference in case you forget something. The quick start guide is a simple 1 pager that has big pictures and small text captions to quickly guide you towards getting started with your Blade MSR. Here’s what the quick start guide covers.

  • Charging the flight battery
  • Installing the transmitter batteries
  • Describes Mode 1 and Mode 2 transmitter controls
  • Binding instructions
  • Flight battery installation

Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade MSR (E-book)

There’s also an E-book available that goes very in depth on details about the blade MSR. This E-book isn’t free but you can pick it up here for $8.95. I haven’t purchased it yet, so I can’t tell you if it’s a good deal or not. But from the sales page, it looks like it covers a lot of material, and certainly well beyond the scope of the official manual.

UPDATE: I finally bought this book.  I really enjoyed it and it was definitely worth the price. If you want to know more about what I thought of it, check out the full review.

Here’s what the E-book covers.

  • Tail rotor protection
  • Adjusting blade tracking
  • Basic setup of an a advanced transmitter (not the included one but a computerized upgrade)
  • Advanced programming for the above transmitter. Learn to make the helicopter progressively more challenging to fly as your skills progress
  • Flybar modifications
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Battery options and charging

Considering it’s under 9 bucks and they offer a 30day money back guarantee, it’s worth checking out.

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