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Are you looking for Blade MSR Parts? This article mostly discusses factory replacement parts. If you’re looking for upgrades, you might want to check out my article on Blade MSR Upgrades.

Feel free to scroll down and browse the parts I have listed below. The images all link to the place I recommend for buying that particular part. There are several places you can go to buy them online. In general, I recommend but check the links for specific recommendations.

This is a breakdown of some of the most common Blade MSR Parts that sometimes need to be replaced. I’ll also provide some information about the parts and helpful links where possible.

First we’ll talk about what I call the consumable parts. These are parts that are likely to need replacement eventually just due to normal wear and tear. These parts don’t last forever so its a good idea to keep a couple spares on hand to avoid down time when they do eventually need replacing. As we move down we’ll expand the list to include parts that wouldn’t necessarily be considered consumable but could very well require replacement at some point.

Blade MSR Battery

Blade MSR Battery

The blade MSR comes stock with a 120mAH battery that will eventually need replacing. You can pick up a new factory replacement battery for pretty cheap from here or you can choose to upgrade your battery. I wrote a detailed post about Blade MSR Battery options that you might want to check out. My top recommendation from that article was this 160 mAH battery for under 7 bucks.

Blade MSR Blades

It’s arguable whether the blades are consumable or not. They don’t usually wear out on their own but people have to replace them enough that it’s probably worth listing them up here. Of course there are two sets of blades to think about here. There’s the main rotor blades and the tail rotor blades. Installing new blades is relatively straight forward and the nice thing is that the replacement blades come with the necessary hardware so you don’t need to worry if your hardware was lost in a crash. You can get the main rotor blades here and the tail rotor blades here. There are also glow in the dark blades you can get which can produce a pretty cool effect in flight. The Glow in the dark tail rotor is available here and the main rotors here. The glow in the dark blades would go well with the glow in the dark flybar and landing gear mentioned below.

Blade MSR Blade Grips

Sometimes when you damage the blades the blade grips themselves will also become damaged. Sometimes un-noticed damage to blade grips can even cause the blades to let go, which can be a dangerous situation if they are spooled up and spinning really fast. Luckily replacement blade grips are readily available. You can buy them here. However, this is one part that I strongly recommend you upgrade. There are high quality metal blade grips that you can buy for under $20. They are more expensive but definitely worth the price.

Blade MSR Flybar

The flybar is another part that can get damaged in a crash. Even a bent flybar can prevent your MSR from flying properly so watch out for that too . You can buy a replacement flybar from here, or if you’re going for the glow in the dark look, you can get the glow in the dark version here. You might want to consider upgrading to an aftermarket flybar that will last longer and stand up to crashes a bit better. These flybars are made of a combination of CNC aluminum and Carbon Fiber. You can get yours here.

Blade MSR Landing Gear

Personally I usually fly over carpet so I haven’t had any problems with broken landing gear. In the forums I do see a lot of people complaining about broken skids. There are a few options for replacement landing gear. You can get a factory replacement in black or you can get a glow in the dark version that doesn’t cost much more. Or you can go the upgrade route and get the carbon fiber version (which is really cool by the way) from here.

Blade MSR Canopy

Replacement caonpies are also available. The nice thing about these is that they come with the tail fin too so you easily change out the entire color theme of your MSR. You can get a replacement canopy in red or blue. Or, if you’re sick of the standard MSR canopy there are also several aftermarket bodies available to change the look of your MSR. Refer to my MSR upgrades article if you’re interested in those.

Blade MSR Motor

The first image is the blade MSR main motor. You can buy it for around 10 bucks from here. The second image is the Blade MSR Tail Motor. The tail motor isn’t sold on its own but instead comes bundled with the full tail boom and the tail rotor. Since it comes with all those pieces it is a bit more money at around $18 here.

Blade MSR Servo

It may become necessary to replace a servo motor. If that happens you’re in luck because there are replacements that you can buy. The servos are attached to the 5-in1 board so in order to replace it you would need to de-solder the old one and solder in the new one. If you try this be careful not to overheat the pads on the board. If you’re worried about the soldering, you could always just replace the entire 5-in-1 board. It will cost a bit more money but at least you won’t have to do any soldering. Here’s a picture of the 5-in-1 below.

Blade MSR Swashplate

If you need to replace the swashplate on your Blade MSR there are a few different versions available. This one here is the stock swashplate. This is the one you would use if you just want a drop in replacement and you can get it here. There is also an upgraded version available. It’s made of CNC aluminum for improved reliability. It should be much tougher and last longer. You can buy it here for an extra ten bucks and not have to worry about the swashplate again.

This Isn’t an exhaustive list of Blade MSR parts but they are the most common parts that you might need to replace. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few of these parts as spares to have around just in case. Nothing sucks more than not being able to fly because you’re waiting for parts to come in the mail.

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