Blade MSR Upgrades

There are many Blade MSR upgrades available in addition to all of the stock Blade MSR Parts. It’s one of the reasons why I like the Blade MSR so much. Everything’s available from cosmetic updates like scale fuselages and glow in the dark parts to high performance parts like the CNC machined aluminum swashplates and carbon fiber landing gear.

On this page I’m going to categorize some of the upgrade options for you. For each category I’ll provide a brief description and, as I have time to create them, I’ll link you over to a more detailed page that will describe the various upgrade options in that category. I hope you find this page useful.

Blade MSR Transmitter Upgrades

A programmable transmitter is probably THE BEST upgrade you can do for your blade MSR. It offers so much flexibility that you can really make your MSR as easy or as difficult to fly as you want. It takes flying the MSR to a whole new level. There are basically 2 main brands to consider when it comes to programmable transmitters for the MSR. Spektrum and JR. But I’m going to make the decision easy for you. Go for a Spektrum. Spektrum radios are cheaper and have a way larger following as far as micro helicopters go. There is a ton of information available for configuring a Spektrum radio but you will have a hard time finding the same for a JR. I recommend the Spektrum DX6i. It has a ton of features at a good price and it is all you need for flying any DSM2 equipped micro helicopter. Plus, if you have a copy of the “Getting the most out of your Blade MSR” E-book, you already have tons of step by step instructions for configuring the DX6i for the Blade MSR.

Blade MSR Aluminum Part Upgrades

Update: I have created an entire post dedicated to Aluminum parts for the MSR.

There are a ton of aluminum parts available for the Blade MSR.  You can see some of them in the image above. The advantages of aluminum parts is that they are strong, durable and they look good too. They don’t bend or warp like plastic parts.

Most aluminum parts are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined which means they will be made to very high precision. They are exactly the intended shape and size. Plastic parts are molded (usually injection molded) which can sometimes come out less than perfect.

Of course nothing is perfect and there is at least one  disadvantage to using aluminum parts. Although aluminum is a light weight metal, it is still heavier than plastic. That is the major disadvantage of using aluminum parts for the MSR. If you were to deck out your MSR with all aluminum parts it would look pretty sweet. In fact, there’s a picture below of an MSR assembled almost exclusively with aluminum parts. It looks really cool, but I don’t recommend you do this. The combined weight of all those parts will alter the flight characteristics of the helicopter and affect battery performance. Instead you should pick a few aluminum parts where the improved durability and precision will overshadow the extra weight. If you do it this way, the added weight of just a few metal parts won’t have a significant impact anyway.

The trick is picking the right aluminum parts for the best performance improvements. To help with that I’ve created a post about Aluminum MSR parts to help you select which Aluminum parts to use.

If you just want to see some available aluminum parts, here’s a link to some aluminum parts on

Blade MSR Carbon Fiber Part Upgrades

Update: Here’s a link to my new post on Carbon Fiber upgrades for the Blade MSR.

Carbon Fiber is a really cool material. It’s basically fiberglass only much stronger. It’s also very light weight, and of course, carbon fiber just looks cool too. There are a few carbon fiber parts available for the blade MSR (some of which are shown above). The advantage of carbon fiber is that it’s stronger, stiffer and less prone to bending or breaking in a crash. Plus many people upgrade to carbon fiber simply because of the looks. The main drawback to carbon fiber is usually cost, but these parts are so small it’s really not a concern.  By the way there’s also a carbon fiber canopy available that looks really cool, check it out. You can pick up a carbon fiber canopy in black or red or check out these other carbon fiber parts on Amazon. You can also head over to my new article for more specific information on the various carbon fiber parts for the Blade MSR.

Blade MSR Battery Upgrades

Update: I’ve now written a complete article about batteries for the blade MSR.

The battery is one part that you are going to have to replace eventually no matter what. Batteries just don’t last forever. The stock battery is 120mAH but I recommend an upgrade to at least a 150mAH battery. The picture above shows 4 different options. One comes from E-flight and the other three are all from 3rd party manufacturers. I recommend the Hyperion G3 because the price is reasonable, it fits well on the MSR and it has a lot of jam. The other batteries can be found here ( link). If you’d like a much more detailed review of the various battery options, check out my article titled Blade MSR Battery. In that article I’ve given a breakdown of the important specs to watch for and I also reviewed the most popular batteries. You’ll learn why I recommend one particular battery over all the others.

Blade MSR Glow in the Dark Upgrades

Here’s a fun upgrade you can do. Your not going to get any performance gains out of this one but there are a few glow in the dark parts available for the MSR. It’s not a bad idea to have some spare parts anyway so why not pick up some glow in the dark ones? You can dim the lights and get a cool glow in the dark effect while you’re flying. To maximize the effect just put the helicopter under a bright light for 5-10 minutes then use a black light. The glow in the dark parts will really pop! Click here to get glow in the dark parts for the MSR.

Here’s a picture of an MSR with glow in the dark parts installed. I found it over at

I hope you enjoyed this list of Blade MSR Upgrades. There are definitely a lot of upgrades to choose from and I hope this list helps to get you started.

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