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iPhone/Android Control for the Syma S107

By: admin | In: Beginner, Syma S107 | On: November 2, 2011

Okay, this is sweet. For a while now I’ve been thinking how cool it would be if I could come up with a way to modify the transmitter for the S107 so that it could receive commands from an Android or iOS device.  Then you could use your mobile phone, iPod Touch or even an […]


Expert Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Expert | On: March 22, 2011

This is the first mention of Expert micro helicopters on this website. And for good reason. You see, so far there hasn’t been a micro helicopter that meets my definition of the expert skill level. But, that’s finally changing with a couple of new helicopters that are being released this year. Before I get into […]


New Micro Helicopter from Align

By: admin | In: Intermediate, News | On: March 3, 2011

As far as decent quality micro helicopters go, we’ve pretty much been limited to offerings from three companies in the past. E-flight, Nine Eagles and Walkera. Each of those companies serves their own specific niche within the micro Helicopter space. Walkera are the innovators, Nine Eagles are the low cost high value guys and E-Flight […]


Top 2 Advanced Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Advanced | On: December 16, 2010

Just like I’ve done for other skill levels, I’m going to tell you about my picks for the top 2 advanced micro helicopters. This time around we have a couple of Walkeras. None of the other manufacturers seem to have anything that caters to this level. Before I tell you about these helicopters, I should […]


Advanced Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Advanced | On: December 14, 2010

Advanced Micro helicopters are for people that have had some experience with RC helicopters and are ready for something a bit more challenging. The helicopters in this category do not hold themselves as steady as the ones from some of the other skill levels. That means it’s up to you to provide constant stick input […]


Top 3 Intermediate Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Intermediate | On: December 3, 2010

These three micro helicopters are arguably the most popular indoor RC helicopters of any class. They are great for people with experience flying a beginner and/or novice helicopter who are looking for something a bit more challenging. If you don’t have much experience flying RC helicopters, I recommend you start with a novice helicopter first. […]


Micro Helicopters for Intermediate Pilots

By: admin | In: Intermediate | On: November 26, 2010

The intermediate level of Micro Helicopters is for people who have gotten the hang of basic flying skills such as orientation, and are now looking for something a little more challenging. Intermediate helicopters are not recommended for first time pilots. This is because without confidence in basic flying skills, it will be very difficult to […]


Top 2 Novice Micro Helicopter Comparison

By: admin | In: Blade MCX2, Nine Eagles Solo, Novice | On: November 22, 2010

I’ve uncovered the Top 2 Novice Micro Helicopters and I’m going to share them with you today. I really wanted to make it the top 3, but as of today, there really isn’t another contender worthy of competing. So, for now it’s between the E-Flite Blade MCX2 and the Nine Eagles Solo (not to be […]


Micro Helicopters for Novice Pilots

By: admin | In: Novice | On: November 17, 2010

I’ve talked about Beginner Micro Helicopters before, but now I’m going to tell you about the next level up. I call this the “Novice” category. Novice Helicopters are great for people who have mastered a Beginner helicopter and are ready to transition to the next step up. They are also good for people new to […]


Top 3 Beginner Micro Helicopter Comparison

By: admin | In: Beginner, JXD Racer, Micro Helicopters, SanHuan Copter 6020-1, Syma S107 | On: June 30, 2010

I’ve done a bunch of research into what look to me like the top three beginner micro helicopters. There’s the SanHuan 6020-1, the Syma S107, and the JXD Racer. All three of these helicopters had all of the main features I look for in a beginner micro helicopter. Still, there are several differences between the […]

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