New Micro Helicopter from Align

By: admin | In: Intermediate, News | On: March 3, 2011

As far as decent quality micro helicopters go, we’ve pretty much been limited to offerings from three companies in the past. E-flight, Nine Eagles and Walkera. Each of those companies serves their own specific niche within the micro Helicopter space. Walkera are the innovators, Nine Eagles are the low cost high value guys and E-Flight […]


Top 3 Intermediate Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Intermediate | On: December 3, 2010

These three micro helicopters are arguably the most popular indoor RC helicopters of any class. They are great for people with experience flying a beginner and/or novice helicopter who are looking for something a bit more challenging. If you don’t have much experience flying RC helicopters, I recommend you start with a novice helicopter first. […]


Micro Helicopters for Intermediate Pilots

By: admin | In: Intermediate | On: November 26, 2010

The intermediate level of Micro Helicopters is for people who have gotten the hang of basic flying skills such as orientation, and are now looking for something a little more challenging. Intermediate helicopters are not recommended for first time pilots. This is because without confidence in basic flying skills, it will be very difficult to […]

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