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Welcome to Micro-Helicopters.net? My name is Mark but I also go by HeliScholar on the internet (places like Twitter, Youtube and  various RC Forums). Micro-Helicopters.net is a web site all about small palm sized remote controlled helicopters (AKA Micro Helicopters) that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Here you’ll find… […]

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Privacy Policy

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You won’t find any fancy legal speak here. In plain English… WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY! No personal information will ever be collected without your permission and the only information we will ever ask for is an email address should you choose to subscribe to our email list. Your email address will never be sold or […]

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If you need any support or have a question, feedback or suggestion, you can use the form below to contact me.


Amazing iPAD Controlled Helicopter with Camera

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Check out this iPAD controlled helicopter! Actually, the AR Drone isn’t just for the iPAD. You can also control it with iPhone, iPOD Touch, and now there’s even an Android app.               I recently wrote about the iCOPTER which allows you to control the popular Syma S107 helicopter with any of the above mentioned devices. […]


Free Shipping on Micro Helicopters

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I just received an email about a sale at RC-Fever.com and wanted to pass on the information for anyone who might be interested. Several micro helicopters, particularly the 3-channel ones are being offered with Free Shipping right now. Included in the promotion are all three of the top 3 beginner micro helicopters. If you missed […]


Welcome to Micro-Helicopters.net

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This site is a one stop portal for… Micro Helicopter information Reviews How to information RC Helicopter Mods Finding the best Helicopters Finding RC Helicopter Parts Figuring out where to buy And more! Basically, I want to do all the research and legwork for you so that you can be confident in your selection/buying/repairing/modifying decisions […]

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