Amazing iPAD Controlled Helicopter with Camera

Check out this iPAD controlled helicopter!

Actually, the AR Drone isn’t just for the iPAD. You can also control it with iPhone, iPOD Touch, and now there’s even an Android app.


I recently wrote about the iCOPTER which allows you to control the popular Syma S107 helicopter with any of the above mentioned devices. But this thing takes that concept to a hole new level. The S107 controller is inexpensive and does a great job for the price, but the S107 itself simply wasn’t designed for that type of control. The AR Drone on the other hand, was specifically designed for this purpose and is amazingly well suited to it. More on that in a minute.

Equipped for Indoor and Outdoor Flight

Each AR Drone comes with 2 different hulls. One has a protective surrounding to protect itself and other objects in case you are flying it indoors. The other is a more sleek version that is intended for outdoor flying and is more nimble and responsive. Below are pictures of the two  hulls, protected on the left, unprotected on the right.


Unique Stabilization Technology

So how does it achieve such amazing stability? The AR Drone is  a “quadraricopter”, meaning that it has 4 sets of blades, one in each corner. That makes this thing hover extremely stable. It also has electronics to make sure it hovers in one place. It’s actually considered to be autonomous, which means that it takes care of the flying itself. All those constant little adjustments that are required to keep an RC Helicopter in the air are handled by the brains on the AR Drone.  When you control it, all you need to do is provide direction input. There’s no need to worry about anything else, even if you let go of the controls, the AR Drone will hold a perfect hover on its own.  Here’s a video that demonstrates just how amazingly stable it is.

Did you notice that when he lets go of the controls the thing just stops dead in its tracks? Very cool. The other neat feature is that it has two built in cameras so you can see what the drone sees. That means it doesn’t even need to be in view to fly it. The screen on your device shows the display from the camera.

Video Display with Combat Mode

With the video display, it’s kind of like a video game. If you have a friend to fly with, it’s even more video game like because you can combat each other and shoot one another out of the air. There are a bunch of really cool effects on the display when you shoot. Don’t worry though because the helicopters don’t really shoot at each other and when you’re defeated the AR Drone will gently descend to the ground. Watch the video below to see the combat abilities in action.

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