Micro Helicopters in the Mail

towards the end of every week, when I get home from work, I have supper, play with the kids, put them to bed, and then…

I pull the weekly batch of flyers out of the mailbox to see if there’s anything cool.

Usually there isn’t, but today there was something interesting.

One flyer I received was for a liquidation store, and on the front page was an ad for RC Helicopters “up to 70% off”. Now, I’m assuming hoping that these are of the micro helicopter variety.

The flyer does mention that the helicopters have 3 channels of control, and that some even have Gyros. From the picture in the ad, I can even see that the helicopters (well, at least the one pictured) has a coaxial rotor design.

You may recall the blog post where I wrote about 3 characteristics of an easy RC helicopter.  The three specific criteria listed on that blog post just happen to be the exact same features I just pulled out of the ad in the flyer.

Sounds like these should be some easy flyers (I mean the helicopters, not the liquidation ads). I will definitely need to get out there to at least see what they have for sale. I’ll be sure to post back here about what I find for anyone interested.

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