E-Flight Blade MCX2

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If you’re interested in getting started in the RC Helicopter hobby, the MCX2 is the perfect introduction. The coaxial blades make it easy to learn to fly on. It has dual rate controls so you can keep things tame for when you are first learning and step the responsiveness up when you are ready. The battery is removable so you can have one in the charger while you fly another. The MCX2 is a stepping stone to its big brother, the MSR. If you’re serious about micro helicopters, the MSR is the one you should be working towards. The great thing about the MCX2 is that the transmitter and batteries can be re-used when you move up to the MSR. This way you can save money buy purchasing the MSR without the transmitter, and extra batteries are always nice to have around.

  • Short Learning curve
  • Self Stabilizing
  • Configurable
  • Removable Battery
  • Compatible with MSR
  • 4 channel control

price: $120
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