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The Syma S107 an extremely easy to fly micro helicopter. If you’re looking for a fun toy that you can just pull out of the box and enjoy, the S107 is for you. The S107 is also extremely durable and can withstand multiple crashes without needing repair. It is also very inexpensive. Because it is so easy to fly and inexpensive, the S107 is  also a great micro helicopter to give away as a gift for someone new to RC helicopters, even children.  In fact, one of my readers has a 6 year old daughter who is able to fly this.

There are a couple of negative aspects of the S107 that you should be aware of. The S107 transmitter uses Infrared signals (like a tv remote control) to control the helicopter. That means you can loose signal if something gets in the way or if it goes in direct sunlight. Secondly, the S107 does not have a removable battery, they would like you to replace the helicopter when the battery becomes unable to hold a charge. I have an article on this site that explains in detail, exactly how to replace the battery in an S107. Finally, the S107 is a 3 channel helicopter which means that the controls are different than they are on other helicopters recommended on this site. This means if you upgrade to a 4 channel helicopter later you will have to re-learn the controls.

All in all I think the S107 is a great helicopter, especially for the price. It serves a specific group of people, so if you fall in that category and are looking for something inexpensive and easy to fly, the S107 is a great choice. To me, one of the great things about the S107 is that I can confidently hand it over to friends and family without fear that they will destroy it or be unable to fly it.

  • Super Easy to fly
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Makes a great gift
  • Great for kids

  • Infrared Transmitter
  • Battery not removable
  • 3-channel control

price: $20
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