SanHuan Copter 6020-1 In the Spotlight

Today I’m introducing the first of a few micro helicopters that I’ve found to meet all of the required features that I identified on my post about the best beginner rc helicopter features. If you haven’t read that post yet, you might want to do so here before reading the rest of this post. I’m really pleased that there are a handful of these helicopters to choose from because it gives us some options and keeps things interesting.

Without further adieu, the first beginner micro helicopter I want to spotlight is the SanHuan Copter 6020-1.

The Copter 6020-1 is also marketed under a few different names such as…

  • MAX-Z Swift
  • Swift X
  • Vmax

Typically though, you will see an identifier somewhere in the description that indicates the original model number of 6020-1.

The SanHuan 6020-1 is a newer version compared to its predecessor, the 6020, so be sure not to get those numbers mixed up. The difference is that the 6020-1 includes a Gyro (a sensor that holds the helicopter steady in the air). The Gyro is a must have feature for a beginner because it makes the helicopter easy to keep in the air so you can concentrate on orientation and other important flying skills.

Besides the Gyro, the 6020-1 has some other good things going for it as well.

It’s Easy to fly
It has coaxial main rotor blades. The combination of the coaxial main rotor and the built in Gyro should make the helicopter really easy to fly. Plus it uses a 3 channel transmitter to offer plenty of control without alienating new pilots.

Small Size
The helicopter dimensions are…
195mm – Overall length
45mm – Width
95mm – Height
173 – Main Rotor Diameter
40g – Weight

Plenty small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that small size will make it easier to fly in small spaces and hopefully minimize damage should a crash happen.

The Power System
6020-1 includes a Lithium Polymer (aka LiPo) battery. The battery is 3.7V and has a 130mAH capacity. Just remember that when comparing battery specs, other factors (such as weight) will also effect battery life.

As with most micro helicopters, this one can charge directly via a cable on the transmitter. In addition though, the 6020-1 includes a USB charging cable so that the battery can be charged without connecting the helicopter to the transmitter.

One final often forgotten power requirement is the transmitter itself. In this case the Transmitter requires 6 AA batteries.

Parts Availability
The parts availability for the 6020-1 is excellent.
You can get…

  • Linkage Sets
  • Replacement Main Rotor Head (with or without main blades)
  • Main Rotor Blades
  • Tail Rotor Blades
  • Canopy
  • Landing Skids
  • Tail Boom
  • Replacement Motors
  • Tail Boom Assembly
  • Complete Screw Sets
  • Battery
  • USB Charging cables
  • Replacement Transmitter

On top of that, you get two spare main rotor blades and a tail rotor blade (not to mention the charging cable mentioned above, and a screw driver) out of the box when you buy the 6020-1 micro helicopter.

The 6020-1 is mostly made of aluminum and is very light weight so I don’t suspect durability would be an issue. Unfortunately, until I get my hands on one, I can’t say difinitively how good or bad the durability of this helicopter is.

The cost of this helicopter is very reasonable and could be found for around $30. That seems to be about standard for comparable micro helicopters.

All in all, this looks like a pretty promising offering for use as a beginner helicopter. It’s affordable too if you stick to sites like this one.


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