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Best Micro Helicopter of 2010

By: admin | In: Micro Helicopters | On: December 21, 2010

The year is coming to an end and I’m excited to announce the Best Micro Helicopter of 2010.  I didn’t make this decision lightly. I have decided to name the Walkera V100D01 as the best micro helicopter of 2010. There are a pile of reasons why I chose this particular helicopter and I’m going to […]


Top 2 Advanced Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Advanced | On: December 16, 2010

Just like I’ve done for other skill levels, I’m going to tell you about my picks for the top 2 advanced micro helicopters. This time around we have a couple of Walkeras. None of the other manufacturers seem to have anything that caters to this level. Before I tell you about these helicopters, I should […]


Advanced Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Advanced | On: December 14, 2010

Advanced Micro helicopters are for people that have had some experience with RC helicopters and are ready for something a bit more challenging. The helicopters in this category do not hold themselves as steady as the ones from some of the other skill levels. That means it’s up to you to provide constant stick input […]

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