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New Micro Helicopter from Align

By: admin | In: Intermediate, News | On: March 3, 2011

As far as decent quality micro helicopters go, we’ve pretty much been limited to offerings from three companies in the past. E-flight, Nine Eagles and Walkera. Each of those companies serves their own specific niche within the micro Helicopter space. Walkera are the innovators, Nine Eagles are the low cost high value guys and E-Flight […]


Top 2 Advanced Micro Helicopters

By: admin | In: Advanced | On: December 16, 2010

Just like I’ve done for other skill levels, I’m going to tell you about my picks for the top 2 advanced micro helicopters. This time around we have a couple of Walkeras. None of the other manufacturers seem to have anything that caters to this level. Before I tell you about these helicopters, I should […]


SanHuan Copter 6020-1 In the Spotlight

By: admin | In: SanHuan Copter 6020-1 | On: June 4, 2010

Today I’m introducing the first of a few micro helicopters that I’ve found to meet all of the required features that I identified on my post about the best beginner rc helicopter features. If you haven’t read that post yet, you might want to do so here before reading the rest of this post. I’m […]

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