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Basically, I want to do all the research and legwork for you so that you can be
confident in your selection/buying/repairing/modifying decisions without
wasting a bunch of your time. That way, you can stick to the fun stuff
(AKA flying helicopters).

In-case you’re unsure about what a micro helicopter is… check out this page.

If you’re new to micro helicopters, I recommend you check out my Top 3 Beginner Micro Helicopters Comparison. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can skip ahead to see the winner. You can also check out my recommendation on the best place to buy what I believe to be the best beginner micro helicopter.

If you’re not new to micro helicopters, use the navigation links, search
feature, and tags located in the sidebar to browse the site. I hope you
enjoy it!

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