Where to buy the Syma S107

When ever I research a new product, selecting which one to buy is only half the battle. Next you have to decide where to buy from. This was the case once again when I decided to buy the Syma S107. In this post I’ll explain what I look for in a vendor and provide three options for you to consider.

Unless I can get a really good price locally, I tend to prefer buying online. It’s more convenient (as long as you don’t mind waiting a bit for shipping) and usually less expensive. Here are some things I look for in an online retailer.

  1. Low Prices (including shipping): I’ll be honest. The first thing I look for is low prices. Obviously I don’t want to waste any money and the trick here is to remember to consider shipping. Shipping costs can easily outweigh the cost of a new micro helicopter if you’re not careful.
  2. Good reputation: Check for Onlne reviews of the store and see what people are saying in forums etc. You’ll almost always find negative reviews, and that’s ok, you just want to make sure the majority are positive. Watch out for trends where the same issues are being reported by multiple people. And keep in mind that it’s usually the dissatisfied people that write the reviews, not the happy ones.
  3. Secure website: I usually give the address bar in my web browser a quick glance from within the websites shopping cart. You want to see https as opposed to plain ‘ol HTTP. This means the site is secure and you should be safe to submit personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Payment Delivery Options: The final thing I look for in a new vendor is their payment delivery options. You should look for something that is well known and protects its users. Paypal is a good example because it offers buyer protection and I don’t have to give up my credit card number.

In the end I decided to go with RC-Fever.com (a Hong Kong based online RC store). The prices were low, even when factoring in the cost of shipping. It’s funny how inexpensively a vendor in China can ship something to my door in Canada, even when compared to the prices most US vendors are quoting. RC-Fever has a secure website and accepts a number of payment methods including Credit Card (via Citibank Paydollar), Paypal, Western Union, and wire transfer (via HSBC). I like that RC-Fever deals specifically with RC products so in theory they should be knowledgeable and able to provide support if you have questions. I can’t say whether that’s actually the case because I haven’t tried to contact them for support. Like I said, I have bought from them before and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. RC-Fevers price on the S107 is currently $19.99 plus $12.90 shipping to the US ($15.60 to Canada). That’s $32.89 shipped to the US or $35.59 shipped to Canada. Check the website for shipping to other countries. Here’s a link to the Red S107 at RC-Fever. They also have it in Yellow.

**UPDATE** The order from RC-Fever went smooth. The transaction was perfect and I received status updates on the order via email just the way I like. Of-course the real test is that the package arrives. And it did. Within the promised deadline (14 days for the shipment method I selected). The package was undamaged and I’ve been enjoying the S107 ever since. Thanks RC-Fever!

If you’re in the US, Amazon.com is another option for you. Amazon aren’t experts on RC helicopters, so don’t expect to get any heli specific support from them. The good thing about Amazon is that they are the most trusted and respected online retailer on the planet. No need to be worried about giving them your credit card information for sure. Obviously their site is secure, and they will accept credit cards, wire transfers or Amazon gift cards (No paypal, western union etc.). Another great thing about Amazon is that they offer “Free Super Saver Shipping” for orders over $25. Prices vary by color but they seem to range from $22 – $27 (blue is rare and expensive). The red and yellow are under $25 so they don’t qualify for the free shipping. I recommend picking up a spare part or two to get you over that $25 mark. In my experience the S107 is pretty indestructible so I’d recommend a replacement battery for $7.48 (the battery will probably be the first thing to go). If you’re in the US, Amazon is the way to go. Even with the extra battery it will still be cheaper than the other two options. For example, if you go Red S107 and battery the total will be $29.43 shipped to the US. Here’s a link to the Red S107 at Amazon. They also have Yellow and Blue.

By the way, when your ready to install your spare battery you can check out my Syma S107 Battery Replacement Instructions.

Here’s a cheap option for those of us who don’t live in the US. Many people have asked where to by the S107 in Canada. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything worth writing about. There are a couple of .ca sites but they all ship from China anyway. I think I found the next best thing though. I just recently discovered Focalprice.com. They are an online retailer for many Chinese products. They have a lot of knock off American and Japanese products, but also many authentic Chinese products such as the S107. The great thing about Focal price is that shipping is always free to anywhere in the world! Their prices are a little more expensive but still work out cheaper than most places after you factor in the shipping. Focalprice uses Paypal to handle their payment processing so although the Focalprice site itself is not a secured site, you will be directed to the secure Paypal site when your ready to check out. This does limit your payment options but at least you know it’s safe. I’m sure it probably contributes to keeping the prices low too since they don’t have to manage their own payment processor. I’ve never purchased from FocalPrice myself but reviews around the net are very positive. There are a few reports of incorrect shipments but most also say that the customer service was excellent and the issue was resolved promptly (usually they were allowed to keep the incorrect product and given store credit to repurchase). The cost at FocalPrice is $29.86 Shipped Anywhere. Here’s the link to the Red S107 at FocalPrice. They also have it in Yellow.

So there you have it. Three options for where to buy the Syma S107. Each of these has been carefully selected and I’m confident that you’ll have a good experience at whichever place you choose to go. Just pick the one that you feel most comfortable with.

2 Responses to “Where to buy the Syma S107”

  1. Dan Noble
    March 16, 2012 at 8:09 pm #

    I have 2 syma 107g copters. I need to replace the gear set on one because a tooth broke off the pinion for the lower drive. It still flys but you can hear a slight hash from the missing tooth.

    Anyway what I want is a recommendation for a quality screwdriver and what size is the correct size for the screws on the 107.

    Can you please recommend a good quality screwdriver and a good source.

    I am based in the US.


  2. admin
    April 8, 2012 at 1:15 pm #


    You’ll need a little philips (star) screwdriver. It’s a tiny one like what you’d find in a jewlers set, I think it’s #0. There are all kinds of little screwdrivers you can find at your local hardware store but it sounds like you’re looking for a specific recommendation. I’ve heard good things about these little kits. They aren’t too expensive and come some good quality screwdrivers, pliers, side cutters, and even a pitch gauge for measuring the angle of your blades. Click here to check it out.

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